18 giugno 2019

🏁MyAlfa Trackday 2K19🏁 - 4C by Riccardo Losselli

Dal Circuito di Spa è tutto...😇👍 LINK INSTAGRAM STORIES - CLICCATE QUI -

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✅Just got back from Spa, been on track during Spaitalia in the evening session and MyAlfa Trackday on Monday morning, first proper go in the racecar after a very short, wet and early called off Brands last week. We planned to do several tests and data acquisition, expecially related to tyres, temperatures and the aero.

✅An issue
with the splitter had us decide not to install it, and a late delivery of the dive planes ment the car was without front aero configuration, something that should not work in theory but we decided to have a (very cautious) go on Sunday evening which went so well I decided to keep the wing on and try to explore the available grip.. shaved two second off my best lap time at spa with the same car configuration except the aero, in just 4/5 laps despite the huge drag impact (I was in standard ECU and top speed at the end of Kemmel and just before blanchimont is just 135 dashboard speed) , still had plenty of grip to go.

✅The car is amazing, very planted and predictable. Monday morning we started testing different wing angles and working on the tyres data, had quite a lot of fun and a good couple of laps playing with a Radical SR3 RS. Looking forward to continue developing the car, I really missed not driving it since November! Thanks again to Paul Plant and Alex Hearnden from Bianco Motorsport for a wonderful weekend!

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