11 novembre 2015

Alfa Romeo says Giulia design inspired by 156, not the BMW 3-Series

Alfa’s design chief, Alessandro Maccolini, has revealed why the new Giulia has a such a shape. Who mentioned the BMW?

The first model, which heralds a new era in the history of Alfa Romeo, the amazing Giulia, was met with mixed emotions. While some have praised the design, the others criticized the Italian company, because the new Guilia has some design similarities with its major rival, the BMW 3 series.
The man responsible for the look of the Giulia, Alessandro Macolin, denies these claims. “We did not copy a BMW. We took inspiration from our past, specifically from the 156”, Maccolini said. He made these clarifications last month in Mantova, during a speech to the car design community.
As a reminder, Alfa so far has presented only the most powerful (and most expensive)Giulia QV version. The model was originally supposed to go on sale by the end of the year, but according to recent news, there was a delay, so the car will not arrive in showrooms until mid-2016, starting at 79,000 euros. The Quadrifoglio variant is powered by a turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 petrol engine, delivering 510 hp. Acceleration from zero to 100km/h is accomplished in 3.9 seconds while top speed is said to be over 300 km/h.

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